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Together with Christ, we are bringing Miracles to camp fire survivors

Miracle City Chico

311  Circlewood  Dr.

Paradise CA 95969 All donations are tax deductible

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Video snapshot of Miracle City Chico outreach to survivors

Get an idea of some the volunteeer work that is being done at Miracle City Chico.  Teams are coming form around the nation and serving these dear survivors


Check out this great video

miracle city updates

Update from Miracle City, Paradise, CA: 

Where do I begin?  At Miracle City Equiping Center we are serving survivors with, Hygeine Blessing Buckets, Water, Gift Cards and such.  So many stories, tears, prayers and gospel messages shared.  Listening is a big part of our focus as we serve those who have lost so much.   

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At Miracle City Equiping Center we are serving survivors with, Hygiene Blessing Buckets, Water, Gift Cards, sifters, New Brooms and Cleaning Supplies, and Prayers Offered.

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